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Real Estate Tips: A Complete Guide for Your Business

We know that some good real estate tips can yield many benefits for your business in the medium and long term. But long before simply writing down any tip, it is necessary to take a few steps back and “tidy up the house”.

That is, it is useless for you to implement the best marketing strategy in your business if the foundation is not correct.

So, our number zero tip for you to improve your real estate’s performance is: fix the small problems that prevent you from making better decisions. For example, a messy or outdated system can already be enough for several actions to go wrong.

Also, if you want to know more about how to organize a real estate, read this article here: Discover how to organize a real estate effectively.

And after all these elementary processes are ready, we can move on to new strategies. So, read the article by Lahore Smart City from now on and learn how to perform better based on good real estate practices. Follow up!

Real Estate Tips: A Complete Guide for Your Business

Ville Imob wants to help you to have a better performance in your real estate. In other words, with some practical real estate tips aimed at increasing revenue, you will be able to understand some good paths to follow from now on.

After all, we know how important it is to find good paths for each business model. Because no model is equal to another and, often, your greatest asset is precisely these small differences that your real estate agency has.

Many people believe that to differentiate themselves in the market it is necessary to reinvent the wheel. In other words, you have to be the new Mark Zuckerberg. This is just not true. After all, the simple fact that you are different from other people is already a gigantic differential.

From the point of view that companies are people, there will never be a company like another. After all, all people are different from each other. And perhaps its best differential is precisely at this point.

But beyond that, you can try out some other practical tips that will surely make your business take off. See some of them:

  1. Choose and get to know a market to operate – And be an expert in it;
  2. Break the Spend vs Investment paradigm;
  3. Have a marketing plan to guide your outreach actions;
  4. Have an integrated system that can concentrate data and documents;
  5. Produce content on the internet to find your audience;
  6. Maintain a close and friendly relationship with the customer;
  7. Invest in copywriting techniques (learn or hire someone);
  8. Offer added services and hear the pains of your potential customers;

We’ll talk about each of these tips from now on, in a more in-depth and individual way. So, continue your reading here.

Choose and get to know a market to operate – And be an expert in it

One of the best real estate tips you could have here is this: get to know and choose a market to operate. Especially if you are starting your real estate now, from scratch, it is not recommended that you scatter your energy by wanting to embrace the world.

But what does this mean in practice? Basically, you need to focus. You need to find a real estate niche and master it completely, until you become an expert in the field.

By comparison, think of a doctor. The vast majority of them will specialize in one area of ​​the body. There are, yes, general practitioners. But the person always goes to a specialist to talk about a specific problem or pain in a specific region.

And you need to follow just this path. Being an expert in one area does not mean closing the door to other opportunities. On the contrary. You will become such a great reference in that area that even the competition will start to recommend you, simply because you understand the subject better.

Don’t be afraid to find a niche. It could be that there is a very large pent-up demand in markets that are little observed. You can find an absolutely needy and profitable market, simply by looking at it in a focused and thoughtful way.

Also, read our article on real estate niche and learn more about the subject.

Break the Spending vs Investment paradigm (one of the best real estate tips)

Once you’ve chosen a niche, researched a lot about it, and understood absolutely everything about the area (more than anyone else), it’s time to start investing. And here, something very important needs to be highlighted: the differentiation between spending and investment.

Many people are still very afraid of making a heavy investment in a certain area, because they don’t know if it will work. And shortly thereafter, he spends the same money on something else totally improbable, like the car of the year, for example.

This is a very common mistake and one that is totally connected with a sense of security: Buying the car, it’s yours (even if it’s a passive asset); Investing in a business, you don’t know if it will work or not, and this drives your actions away.

So, let’s demystify all this: investing in a business is essential for it to work and start moving forward. But investing with your eyes closed is not the best alternative. This is actually an expense. So, do a very thorough analysis of the actions you need to take, and take them.

Going right or wrong is just a consequence. Do not be afraid to make mistakes. Be afraid of making mistakes too late. The sooner you tighten the screws of your business (testing and investing), the more results you will have in the medium and long term. Always keep this in mind!

Real estate tips for having a good marketing plan

No real estate business takes off if you don’t have a good marketing plan. Without a marketing plan, it can even go off the paper and become reality. But take off, it won’t.

So, before you even just go out buying billboard on the street or buy ads on Facebook, stop and write a real estate marketing plan. This is more than important so that you can focus your actions on what is really fundamental in the medium and long term.

Without an adequate marketing plan, you will hardly feel secure to invest more and more money in actions and professionals. Because you will always have the feeling that it is not working. When in fact, you don’t even have parameters to measure if it’s working or not.

A real estate marketing plan will be able to lead every step of a project: beginning, middle and end. And on top of that, you’ll be able to make decisions with much more confidence to, only after a series of actions, analyze the results and see if it worked or not.

All analyzes that are early and not based on a plan are, in fact, a blurred and short-sighted look.

Have an integrated system that can concentrate data and documents

This is one of the real estate tips that make the most difference for the internal organization of the business. After all, as you know, a messy business is a business that will never be clear to the owner.

Profits or expenses will never be quite right, and this can snowball in the long run.

So, have an integrated system that can perform all these bureaucratic but important steps. Organizing documents and making sure there are no errors in contracts or customer data is very important to the health of the business.

Without this, you will never have future security, as an unforeseen event can always appear.

In addition to being much more practical and reliable, an integrated system for your real estate is much more than a tip. It’s a necessity.

After all, you’ll save time and money with actions that could be done methodically by an algorithm, rather than leaving it in the hands of people who, in turn, could be engaged in other, more profitable projects.

So don’t hesitate and test today with Ville Imob’s systems. We can help your real estate to be much more profitable, organized and focused on what is really important: sustainable growth in the medium and long term.

Produce content on the internet to find your audience

Nowadays, we are more and more connected and consuming more and more information. Saying that the internet is the future is no longer true. Today, the internet is the present. It’s already happening and you definitely need to be a part of it.

Your real estate agency being on the internet is one of the most important steps you can take to attract more customers and definitely convert them into cash.

After all, with a simple search, today Google can deliver the best possible results to solve people’s problems.

For example, if you need to find a laundry in your city, you’re not going to look it up in the phone book or drive out until you find one, are you?

What you’re going to do is pick up your cell phone and type “laundry shop + city name”. And, from there, you find what you need and the laundry bills.

Why would it be any different with real estate? So be on the internet. Produce content (like this article here). Post on social media. Show yourself present. Be available.

To learn more about content production on the internet, read this article here:  Broker, learn to have a more strategic content marketing.

One of the main real estate tips: Keep a close and friendly relationship with the client

Treating customers just like customers is not the best practice you can adopt.

As much as they are, yes, just customers, you need to connect in different ways. Especially nowadays, with the internet everywhere, you need to attract attention and, above all, retain that attention.

But how to do this? There are many ways to attract and retain attention. And one of them is building an image of authority in a certain area.

If you are a realtor or have a real estate only for a certain niche, it is worth producing content about it and making people remember you.

It may not seem like it, but people will come to regard you or your real estate agent as essential in their lives. It will be a close and trusting relationship. Even if you have never sold a property or closed a simple lease.

Also, you can explore connections via email and contacts by Telegram or WhatsApp groups. The most important thing is to remain present, helpful and always willing to help or ask questions. This will create a gigantic chain of authority and business will flow in the medium and long term.

See that our real estate tips are always based on medium- and long-term actions. That is, nothing happens overnight. Everything that is sustainable and balanced needs time to start happening. Always remember this!

Invest in copywriting techniques (learn or hire someone)

Have you ever heard of copywriting?

This is a widely used technique to build persuasive and sales messages. The technique grew a lot with the internet, but it already existed and just became popular. In fact, using copywriting is nothing more than writing advertising to sell a product or service.

And if you want to stand out and close more sales, you also need to try this kind of language.

Using mental triggers and telling stories helps a lot to close new customers, as there is connection and desire. And this, of course, is very important to make your real estate more profitable.

Offer added services and hear the pains of your potential customers

And finally, always seek to offer “something extra” for your customers. Leave them with the feeling that they got the best deal in the world on a unique opportunity.

So, offer bonuses, free services or whatever. But remember: these giveaways can’t be random things like calendars or pens. Connect with the customer, find out what he likes the most and present him with things that make sense to him!

Count on Ville Imob for more real estate tips and good sales! qaccH��Rp;��

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Buy or rent a house? Buying vs renting a home

Living for rent or buying a home is a very acute issue in the current panorama.

If your job changes constantly, you depend on moving frequently and you need flexibility, then it is clear to you that renting is the most convenient for your situation.

Opting for rent is the best choice when your job requires periodic trips to different places, in this case renting gives you the flexibility you need.

Another aspect that is considered an advantage is the fact that in a rental home there are no maintenance and repair costs.

In most cases it is uncertain, in the monthly payment the owners usually approximate these “fixed” expenses for the maintenance of the home. Regarding repairs, some are directly arranged by the owner and others are assumed by the tenant.

Living for rent is advantageous for those who do not have enough savings capacity to choose to buy a home, but it is true that more than an advantage, it is the only option available to them, given their circumstances.

You may find best societies to live in and buy a home by consulting real estate agency like Tajarat properties.

Forced tenants – buy or rent a house.

In today’s market the price of housing is high, but so is the rent. With the crisis many people have become tenants after losing their home. A house they bought at an astronomical price, a mortgage that was too expensive from the opening costs to the minimum interest clauses, etc.

When you rent, you pay someone else’s mortgage, for a space that will never be yours, therefore the increase in the value of the home in the long run will of course benefit the owner. In addition, in many cases there is an increase in the price each time the contract is renewed.

When it is an advantage to live in rent

A rental is advantageous only if it is your only option at this time and if the price is reasonable compared to the price of a mortgage for an approximate value.

  • You are or will be a TENANT.
  • You need geographic flexibility.
  • You do not want to take care of home maintenance expenses.
  • You don’t want to strain to save.
  • Fear of risk / future income commitment

It may interest you. Is it better to buy a home?

We are experiencing a rental bubble, logically the rent goes up the closer you get to the city. Living in the belt, in the nearby towns, makes housing quite cheaper but even so today the monthly payment of a reasonable mortgage is cheaper than the monthly payment as a tenant.

Available options? Sharing a home, renting a flat on the outskirts, getting a rental at a good price or rent-to-own if you plan to acquire a home in the near future. (Of course, before embarking on a rental with the option to buy, assess your chances of accessing a mortgage loan).

Second-hand home purchase expenses [What are they]

Next, we will see the expenses when buying a second-hand home, like the seller, you will have to pay a series of taxes and expenses.

These are as follows:


Notary – Notary fees apply to notarial fees and the amount notarized. The buyer has the right to choose the notary where the sale is formalized.


Registration – The costs of registration for the buyer also apply tariffs depending on the amount deeded.

Taxes – ITP or VAT

Taxes – you will pay ITP (Tax on Patrimonial Transmissions), a tax that varies according to the autonomous community, being for example in Andalusia, around 8%. Here you can check it according to the autonomous community. You will pay VAT if the house is new (10%).

Bonuses – House purchase expenses

This percentage is applied to the amount deeded and there are some cases in which reduced rates are applied if the home acquired will be a main home or a first home. Reductions of up to 50% of the tax will be applied in the following situations (which will pay 4% of the notarized amount):

  • large families
  • under 35 years
  • VPO official protection housing
  • People with degree of disability

If it is a financed home, that is, if we are going to take out a mortgage, we will have to add:

Second-hand home purchase expenses with mortgage – Appraisal, management expenses and insurance

The expenses when buying a mortgaged home are no longer as expensive as they were years ago, since there is an increasing supply from banks and since the new mortgage law came into force, things have changed.

If you buy a home that you have to mortgage, currently the maximum to finance is 80% of the deeded amount, so you must have enough to cover the difference plus the expenses listed above.

Shopping expenses represent only part of the savings you need. If you want clear accounts, look at what I need to buy a house in 2019.

Is it better to buy a home? [Practical case]

Let’s look at the pros and cons of buying a home.

To buy a home you need previous savings of almost 30% of the price. I mention this aspect for those who need to finance the property through a mortgage at the maximum percentage currently granted by most banks, that is, around 80%.

To this must be added the purchase costs that, depending on the case of each buyer, reaches up to 10% of the amount of the home. See expenses are here.

Suppose that right now you have savings of x and you plan to buy a flat or house in the near future. Calculate in reverse what house price you can choose with your savings.

If you have decided on a specific area, with the characteristics of the flat well defined from the beginning, then feel the current market and you will know if you have a chance of finding it or not.

Buy a house in 2019.

If you do not reach the average sale price in the area that you would like to live, you just have to keep saving while you wait for a bargain to come up for sale.

You can also go to rent in that neighbourhood and try it for a while.

It has always been thought about owning a home that buying a home is a way to save while meeting a basic need, that the home is for life and that it would never lose value.

After the crisis regarding the latter, the panorama has changed.

If yours is not commitment, you better live for rent!

That is where the ability and commitment to ensure the cost of a home ownership comes in.

If in your life there is any variable of the work, economic or even personal type, it will be difficult to have good planning, therefore committing to a long-term mortgage and maintenance costs will not be productive.

Owning a home requires a long-term commitment, predictable monthly payments, and increased responsibility.

It is not easy to pack and move, although depending on each case there is also the possibility of renting it while you do not live in it.

It is better to buy a house.

As the rental market presents itself, more and more people are considering owning again.Park view cityoffers exciting prices if you want to by a home.

The crisis

We have had many problems due to the massive purchase of homes at exorbitant prices, with unaffordable expenses, the granting of mortgages practically blind and an increase in the same that in many cases exceeds 110% of the price.

Abusive clauses, monthly payments greater than 50% of family income and the outcome is well known to all. See what the IRPH clause is.

With fear in their bodies, many families are convincing themselves that it is better to rent, to avoid repeating history, but then.

What happens if renting is more expensive for me, even as expensive as owning a home right now?

How much do you pay for rent in the house where you live now?

Now a family with moderately stable income can afford to pay a mortgage, the amount of rent would certainly be higher.

If you are paying a rent of 500 euros per month and for buying the same apartment or a similar one, you would pay an approximate or even cheaper monthly fee, it is evident that it is profitable.

You save at the same time you live in it, on the other hand, as a tenant, you help pay the mortgage of the person who has rented yours. As simple as that.

For example, if your working conditions do not allow you to access a mortgage loan, but with the new law that has recently come into force, taking out a mortgage is not so expensive.

The problem with buying and renting is that the balance has been tipped in favour of rentals largely because of what has happened before.

It has touched us all closely in some way or another, but there is no reason to trip over the same stone twice.

If you have solvency for a mortgage loan, in addition, the amortization of the mortgage allows you to live comfortably, it does not have to repeat the same mistake, therefore buying would be a viable option.

Will you buy if?

You think that the home you own is heritage that can serve as a support for future investments.

You think that home ownership is a social advance.

If for you the fact of being an owner has a high emotional value that provides you with personal and family well-being.

You think that buying a home is a way to save in the long run and you have a low probability of geographical mobility.

Your working conditions are stable.

Whatever your case, at each stage of life the home we need changes, we prefer city or town, more meters or less depending on family members, travel savings, special preferences.

Real Estate

what is needed to rent an apartment

Are you the owner of an empty home ? Have you gotten tired of paying fixed expenses each month for an uninhabited property? If you have decided to rent your home, you must take into account all the legal procedures necessary to rent an apartment, thus avoiding setbacks with future tenants. Take notes to find out what is needed to rent an apartment. If what you want is to rent, we recommend that you go directly to the part of this article where

Documentation for owners

If you are an owner and you think that, just by writing and publishing your home ad, you are going to find a tenant you trust, you are very wrong. Therefore, there are a series of documents that are essential to legally rent your house. They are as follows:

Energy certificate

It is also called the Energy Efficiency Certificate and it differs depending on the Autonomous Community in which the property to be rented is located.

On many occasions, if you decide to advertise your real estate in an agency or on an Internet portal dedicated to this task, you must also provide this document to include it along with its detailed description.

When you manage to rent an apartment, you are obliged to deliver a copy of this document to the tenant. However, there are exceptions. It is not mandatory for vacation rentals that occur for up to four months per year or for rentals of homes of less than 50 square meters in an isolated area.

Certificate of occupancy

It is another of the basic documents to rent a flat. It also receives the name of First Occupation License. In its development, it is guaranteed that the house has the necessary conditions to reside inside.

Property documents

The third essential document must show the identity of the owner, while ensuring, legally, that he is the owner of the home in question.

The way to prove this fact is through a property deed. In addition, it is also very common for the owner to give the tenant copies of the last IBI receipt and the payment of the amount of the bills for the basic supplies of the apartment.

Floor keys

Although it is not a document as such, it is something that the owner should not forget. After renting the apartment, you must deliver all the sets of keys available that allow access to the house, not just one. During the term of the lease, the owner will not be able to have any key to the rented apartment.

How to rent an apartment

Are you moving to another city? Do you want to receive some extra income? Whatever the reason, many times you ask yourself: I want to rent my apartment. You know that with this you will receive an extra amount of money per month, especially in the larger cities, where the rent is higher. So that you have no doubts about it, we tell you all the details to do it legally and safely.

Once you say to yourself “I want to rent my apartment”, the first thing that comes to mind is how to do it to avoid problems. Comply with the law, that everything is registered and that what is a benefit today will not become a problem tomorrow. We could say that this is the most important thing when planning a rental and for this, we will have to take into account the rules that we must comply with.

Legal procedures

When it comes to taking advantage of an income for your home there are some fundamental procedures that you must do so that everything follows the course of legality. These are as follows:

Obtain the property’s energy efficiency certificate. If your apartment is more than 50 square meters, you will have to have this certificate registered in the Autonomous Community where the house is located. In addition, you will have to show this label in any rental offer you publish and give the certificate to the future tenant before signing the contract.

Keep in mind that these certificates are valid for one year and doing without them can lead to a fine of between € 300 and € 6,000.

Prepare a personalized rental agreement. It is important that it complies with the Urban Leasing Law. If you don’t know where to start, on the Internet there are many websites that will help you create it.

Deposit the bond with the appropriate public body. You will have to require the tenant to pay a deposit, at least one month’s payment. Once this is done, each Autonomous Community sets a guideline with which body, when and how you have to deposit this amount.

Pay the Tax on Patrimonial Transmissions (ITP) . Once you formalize a rental contract, you are obliged to pay this tax in the Autonomous Community in which the property is located. You have a period of 30 days from the signing of the contract. In case of not complying with it, you should know that surcharges may be imposed on the initial amount.

Register the rental contract in the Property Registry. Although it is true that this procedure is not mandatory, it does offer some advantage, both to you and your tenant. As for you, it would allow you to simplify the process of evicting a tenant for non-payment. Of course, keep in mind that this procedure involves a series of expenses, such as taxes, fees, notaries, etc.


We return to the initial starting point, when you say to yourself convinced “I want to rent my apartment”, but you want to do it safely. It is true that renting your home carries some risk, but you can follow these tips to minimize it as much as possible.

Rent by real estate

By making arrangements through a real estate agency you make sure that the selection of the tenant will be very careful. In addition, it will be carried out by people with many years of experience in the field. This will give you some calm and confidence when it comes to having your home rented to you by experts for the first time.

Ask for guarantees

The law allows you to request different guarantees of compliance with the payment obligation. Thus, you can request more than one monthly deposit or even a guarantee, either personal or bank. With this you will have more security when it comes to paying off a possible debt left by your tenant.

Secure document of non-payment of rent

More and more owners are resorting to taking out non-payment or damage insurance. In fact, on many occasions it is paid by the tenant himself so that in the event of a problem of this type, the insurance covers the debt. Thus, the financial effort involved in paying several monthly deposit payments at the beginning of the rental is avoided.

For vacations

Another of the increasingly frequent situations is to consider having your home rented only in the months when you are on vacation. Depending on the location of the property, it can be of great interest. This is so because those located in the coastal area, for example, in summer significantly increase their value. The same happens with those located in large cities, for example.

If this is your case, you should know that there are more and more web pages that put individuals in contact with these needs. Among them, Airbnb stands out, an American company that has grown like foam in recent years.

In any case, if you are one of those who prefer the traditional modus operandi, you can also have your apartment rented with these conditions through a real estate agency.

To consider

At this point, we can only give you some other advice to make the task of renting your house as easy as possible.


You should know that the Internet puts before you endless online tools that allow you to calculate the appropriate rent to rent your house. By just covering some information about your property, these applications offer you all kinds of information of interest to you as the owner. Among them, we can highlight the application of Property news

Know your tenant

Establishing a comfortable and trusting relationship with your tenant is essential. The fact that you both know each other can greatly facilitate communication and therefore avoid problems. So our advice is that even if the rental is managed by a real estate agency, you know the person who will live in your house before formalizing the contract.

Confirm that the floor is in condition

Just as certain guarantees must be required from tenants, as a landlord you must also fulfill yours. So, make sure that everything is in order in your home. In case of detecting any fault or deficiency, correct it before the entrance of the tenant or if this is not possible, notify them.

We are sure that by following these simple tips, the relationship between you and your tenant will be very beneficial for both parties.

Documentation for tenants

In the other part, the person or persons interested in renting an apartment will also have to present documentation prior to the signature of the opposite.

With all these data, the owner will be able to check if the profile of potential tenants matches what they are looking for their property. The necessary documentation is the following:

Tenant identification

Among the documents for renting an apartment, it is essential that the tenant or people who are going to live in the apartment can prove their identity through a valid legal document.


It is very common for the owner to demand the deposit of a guarantee in order to verify the economic solvency of his leased, thus having a greater support against possible defaults.

According to legal parameters, the bond must be equivalent to a single monthly payment, since this is how the Law of Urban Leases establishes it.

Bank guarantee

This last document is not mandatory, but optional. However, it is increasingly likely that the requirements to rent a flat and essential conditions include the need to present a bank guarantee.

In this way, the owner ensures that, if the renter does not meet his quotas, there is someone behind who will answer for him from an economic point of view.

Rent with option to buy

What is rent with option to buy? One of the most difficult decisions we have to make about our home is how to get hold of it. Rent, buy or rent with option to buy? The truth is that there is no correct answer, but it will depend enormously on the particular situationof each one. On this occasion, we will talk to you about the most unknown of them, the rent with option to buy.

Rent with the option to buy is a way of accessing a home through which you rent a property for a certain time and then you are allowed to buy it, discounting the monthly rent that you have already paid from the total price .

Until very recently, this alternative was very residual in Blue World City, but in recent years, with the stabilization of prices in the market, it has taken on special importance.

On a technical level, it consists of a double contract, so to speak, which in turn is divided into two other subcontracts. In the first, all the aspects related to the rental are detailed and in the second, everything related to the purchase option. Among the details provided, the mandatory time that the tenant has to spend on a lease must be found, which normally ranges from two to five years. In addition, an entry price is usually agreed that the tenant must pay with the signing of the contract, as well as the legal term to carry out the purchase after the rental period.

Advantages and disadvantages

Like any other type of contract, rent-to-own has its advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, it is important to analyze this alternative well before jumping into the pool. Here are some of its pros and cons.

The most important is that the money that the tenant invests monthly is not lost. On the contrary, when the time of purchase comes, it will be deducted from the total price of the property, which will be a future investment.

In addition, this option allows the tenant to gain savings time. That is, while you pay your monthly rent, you can set aside money to face the time of purchase in better conditions and, for example, be able to access a loan or mortgage . On the other hand, we must also emphasize that the tenant will be able to test the house and check if it suits their needs before deciding to buy it.

Finally, if we put ourselves in the landlord’s shoes, we can highlight as the main advantage that it keeps your home occupied, generating profitability and at the same time, the payment of the monthly payments is ensured. This is so because if the tenant does not comply with this obligation, the purchase option may be withdrawn.

Of course, there are also certain downsides to rent-to-own. The main one is that you have to make an initial outlay for entry, so you have to have some financial capacity to access this modality. In addition, if for whatever reason, after the specified time, the purchase cannot be accessed, all the investment made will have been lost. Therefore, it is advisable to be very sure before making this decision.


If you have already decided to access a rent with option to buy, there will be certain things that you will have to take into account before signing. Here are some tips:

– Check well all the clauses of the contract. Our recommendation is to enlist the help of a lawyer to ensure that all concepts are correctly written. This way you will avoid future problems.

– Define who will take care of community expenses and possible reforms. This can lead to conflicts between the landlord and the tenant. Therefore it is interesting to leave everything defined from the beginning.

– Clarify the purchase conditions well. This will be essential to be able to be clear about the terms you have to buy the apartment or the time that the rental of the house will last, etc.

In conclusion, the key will be to leave everything well tied to avoid generating conflicts in the future.

In the Community

In recent years, accessing a home in large cities has become mission impossible. That is precisely what is happening in Madrid. Rent prices have risen so much that the task of finding a flat in this modality has become very complicated. However, this also creates new opportunities, such as rent-to-own. Thus, if you have the opportunity to access it, we advise you not to miss the opportunity.

It does not matter if you are looking for a rental with option to buy in the South area of ​​Madrid, in Torrejón de Ardoz or in Getafe. The important thing will be to find an alternative with good conditions, since this will probably become a very good investment for the future.

Of course, the same thing that happens in Property News is happening in other big cities, like Barcelona, ​​Malaga, Valencia or Bilbao. Therefore, evaluating this option in any of these locations will not be a crazy idea.