The Importance of Technology

The PowerPoint was a duplication of the reading material part. Similar instances of the book were utilized. Toward the finish of the course, he felt that he had done an incredible PowerPoint when truth be told, it was not significant. It was a duplicate/glue venture from the reading material to the screen.

This model shows that we need to utilize sound judgment when utilizing technology. When showing punctuation, an instructor must have the option to think of models other than those in the book, you need to compose on the board, have understudy practice what they have realized. PowerPoint utilize was a genuine ill-conceived notion, as I would like to think, for showing this course. It was simply not the privilege mechanical apparatus for the exercise.

Understudies in that class may conclude that they disdain Power Points since it befuddles them more while the issue isn’t with the utilization of PowerPoint yet rather with the educator’s helpless decision of technology. The point I likewise need to make here is that instructors may in some cases be ignorant of their inappropriate utilization of technology. This is the reason, as teachers, we once in a while need to approach understudies for their input so we may make redresses where required.

We would then be able to presume that those understudies hate technology because of ill-advised innovative use by educators, and furthermore on the grounds that numerous instructors don’t go to workshops or instructional courses to assist them with acquiring a more extensive information on technology since they are so occupied. Like recommend (Youngs, 2004) and (Lohnes, 2012), those equivalent occupied educators would have gone to those trainings if there were given a motivating force. In the article “Technology Standards in a Third-Grade Classroom” (Kovalik, 2001), it is connected how an examination done on a third grade class of 25 indicated that understudies were appropriately utilizing technology. There is no sign that those understudies loathe utilizing technology.